Waste dumps

Client's Name Project Name and Plant Capacity Type of Engineering Services
Separation and compacting unit.
MC documentation for composter
MC Documantation
CHIMCO -  VRATZA                 1995 Salt waste dump  P.D. and D.D.
CHIMCO -  VRATZA                 1995 Sludge dump P.D. and D.D.
CHIMCO -  VRATZA                 1993 Arbocel dump P.D. and D.D.
AGROBIOCHIM - STARA ZAGORA   1995 Sludge dump - built-up P.D. and D.D.
SOLVAY SODI - DEVNYA     1994       Tailing pond "Padina" and tailingpond lines Devnya-Padina P.D. and D.D.
CHEMICAL WORKS - SMYADOVO              1985 Dump for explosive subsrances neutralization.
Dump for industrial wastes
P.D. and D.D.
Preliminary Design - P.D.
Feasibility Study - F.S.
Technical Assistance - Т.A.
Detailed Design - D.D.
Equipment Supply - E.S.
​Construction Works - C.W.