Pulp and paper industry

Client's Name Project Name and Plant Capacity Type of Engineering Services
HHI KOSTENETS - KOSTENETS 2006-2008 New tishu paper machine RMZ-90 t/daily
Industrial gas pipeline for cogeneration
Detailed design. Supervision and technical assistance
SVILOZA - SVISHTOV    2003 Reconstruction of staple fiber production plant - 35 000t/y Feasibility study
SVILOZA - SVISHTOV   2003 Rayon plant - spinning section - 50 000 t/year Detailed design
TRAKIYA PAPIR CO. - PAZARDJIK  2002 Plant for fine treatment of pulp - 8000 l/min
New paper machine- 9000 l/min
Detailed design
Feasibility study
SVILOZA - SVISHTOV       2002 Extension of rayon plant capacity to 10 000t/year Feasibility study
MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY     1994 Study for reconstruction of Pulp and Paper Industry  in Bulgaria Final report on