Crude oil and Gas Pipelines, Compressor Stations and other Facilities

Client's Name

Project Name and Plant Capacity Type of Engineering Services
BULGARTRANSGAZ EAD - SOFIA     2015 GAS INTERCONNECTION TURKEY-BULGARIA (ITB)- Feasibility Studies Development of gas pipeline route oprions, Technological Scheme options, Detailed Spatial Plan-preliminary project. Design&Cost Estimate. Ecological solutions and other data base. 
GAS INTERCONNECTION BULGARIA-SERBIA on Bulgarian territory Technical and Detail Design. Detailed Spatial Plan-Parcel Plan - final project. Author's Supervision. Consultancy. 
OIL AND GAS EXPLORATION AND PRODUCTION AD - SOFIA 2015 Bulgartransgaz EAD/Undergraund Gas Storage Chiren - Exploitation Drilling E-72 Detailed Design
BULGARSTANSGAZ EAD - SOFIA    2014 Underground Storage Chiren - GasMotorCompressors-Outside cycle water pipelines replacement   Detailed Design
Bulgartransgaz EAD - Modernization of 4 Compressor Stations with 6 low emission Gas Turbine Units -CS Strandja, CS Lozenets, CS Ihtiman and CS Petrich Front End Engineering Design.
Detailed design
STROYMONTAJ LTD. -PAZARDZDIK        2013  Lukoil Neftochim Burgas Co. - Re-insulation of main product pipeline (DN 300 Burgas-Sofia - pipe, road and river crossings Detailed design
MONTAJ COMPLECT ENGINEERING CO.- SOFIA 2012 Lukoil Neftochim Burgas - New tank V=20000 m³ for Jet A-1 in OZS Park, production TSNP Detailed design 
MONTAJ COMPLECT ENGINEERING CO.- SOFIA           2009-2010 Petrol Starage Base Sliven - Tanks for kerosene 2 units х 500m³  and  6 units х 2000m³ Detailed design
NABUCCO GAS PIPLINE INTERNATIONAL GmbH, Vienna Austria                   2009-2013 Nabucco gas pipeline on the territory  of R. Bulgaria - L=422km, d=1422mm, pressure -100 bar FEED (Front End Engineering Design). Route selection - 6 versions. Approved Detailed Arrangement Plan. GIS data base for the whole project.
MKI-VODSTROY /State Reserve- Petrol Storage/   2009-2010 Reconstruction and overhaul of Petrol Storage Base in Sliven, Anton, Parvomay, Polikraishte Detailed design - PB Sliven, Anton, Parvomay
Basic and detailed design - PB Polikraishte
BULGATRANSGAZ -  PRIMA BUILD LTD. - SOFIA        2009 Undergraund Gas Storage (UGS) Chiren
General rehabilitation of sewerage network L=3.45km
Pipe storage - emergency stock
Basic decisions and Detailed design

Feasibility study and Detailed design
BULGARTRANSGAZ - SOFIA UGS Chiren          2008 Reconstruction 0,4 kV and 20 kV switchgear, erection of cable network
Emergency gas unit 750 kVА
Detailed design
BULGARTRANSGAZ - SOFIA   2008 High pressure (HP) main gas pipeline and AGRS Silistra d =300 mm, L= 80 km Technical and Detailed design 
Approval by authorities
INSA OIL - RAKOVSKI       2007/2006 New desulphurization Unit- 115 000 t/year Terms of references and Basic design
Author's Supervision and Technical assistance
DD-General layoutq vertical planning
LUDAN ENGINEERING, ROMANIA                 2006 Insa Oil-Rakovski - New desulphurization Unit -Tanks Storage for liquid fuels and utilities supply Detailed design
BULGARIAN DRILLING COMPANY- SOFIA    2006 UGS Chiren - Borehole Е-71 - site, assess route Detailed design
DEXIA BULGARIA - SOFIA 2006 Gas pipeline connection Rousse-Giurgiu Detailed Arrangement plan,
Detailed design
WINTERSHALL, Switzerland               2006 Gas pipeline connection Rousse-Giiurgiu Feasibility study- upgrading
GREENHOUSE GIMEL - SOFIA                 2005 Gasification of work shops and stores - Zvanichevo village Detailed design, Supervision
BULGARGAS - SOFIA       2005 Gas pipeline supply to towns Bansko, Razlog and Dobrinishte and village of Banya Feasibility studies, technologies, site preparation plan, flow diagrams, bills of quantity
DISTRICT ADMINISTRATION SILISTRA                  2005 High pressure (HP) main gas pipeline Dobrich-Silistra - Detailed Arrangement plan (DAP) Feasibility study, DAP,
Route selection - variants 
GLAVBOLGAR STROY CO.- SOFIA  (SOG-IRAG) 2004 Storage tanks - lighting, earthing and lightning protection installations Detailed design /Electrical part/
BULGARGAS - SOFIA       2004 Main Gas pipeline NABUCCO from Iran to Western Europe, Bulgarian part Route selection, Technology Site Survey, Feasibility Study, EIA Report
EVIFRUSICH CO.- SOFIA 2004 Bulgargas,  CS Kardam 2 - Rehabilitation and modernization Preliminary and Detailed Design
EVIFRUSICH CO.- SOFIA 2004 Bulgargas, CS Lozenets - Rehabilitation and modernization Preliminary and Detailed Design
AMBO, USA                     2002 Transbalkan petrol pipeline - general route selection Feasibility Study
BOTAS, TURKEY             2000-2002 Main gas pippeline IRAN- TURKEY- Compressor Station Dogubayasit Detailed design
SOPHARMA CO.- SOFIA AROMA CO.- SOFIA         2002 Gas pipeline, gasification.                                   Reconstruction of steam power stations  Detailed design
CHIMREMONTSTOY SOFIA                2001 UGS Chiren - Natural gas drying Installation. Communication SYMATIC S7 and SCAN 3000 control systems Detailed design
BULGARGAS - SOFIA       2000-2001 Transit gas pipeline Russia-Turkey: to Greece - Macedonia-Serbia-loop near village of Rosen -Compressor Station Ihtiman D= 40", L=46 km. Detailed design
BULGARGAS - SOFIA     1992-1998 Transit gas pipeline Russia-Turkey: to Greece-Macedonia- Serbia (Bulgarian section)                 L=860 km; D= 20-48" Detailed design
GIPROGAS CENTRE, RUSSIA               1998 Concept of gas pipeline system development in Bulgaria up to 2010 year Feasibility study
Pipeline Integrity International, England 1997 Gas Pipeline Network Monitoring PHARE Project BG 9411-02-02
Sofres Conseil, France       1996 Assessment of Bulgarian LPG demand  Marketing study
PHARE Project  BG 9107-030-12
Pipeline Engineering GmbH Germany         1996 Gas pipeline Iran - Europe  Feasibility study
BLACK SEA TECHNOLOGY COMPANY- VARNA 1995 Gas pipeleine supply to Industrial Zone of Dobrich L=6,5 km; D=14" and to Industrial Zone of Targovishte L=7 km; D=14" D.D.   T.A.
BULGARGAS - SOFIA       2001-1987 Compressor Stations (Gas Turbine Compressor Units nominal power):
Strandja 18.9 MW (3 units)
Lozenets 41.1 MW (7 units)
Kardam1, Kardam- 2 - 31.5 MW (5 units)
Petrich 12.6 MW (2 units)
Ihtiman 18.9 MW (3 units)
Provadia 41.2 MW (4 units)
D.D.  E.S.  T.A.
BULGARGAS - SOFIA       1974-1984-1985 High presure Main gas pipeline
Northern Branch L=364 km, D=28" 
Southern Branch L=456 km, D=28"
Distribution gas pipelines L=500 km, D=4-20"
D.D., T.A.
Preliminary Design - P.D.
Feasibility Study - F.S.
Technical Assistance - Т.A.
Detailed Design - D.D.
Equipment Supply - E.S.
​Construction Works - C.W.