Inorganic chemical proceedings

Client's Name Project Name and Plant Capacity Type of Engineering Services
CONTURCLOBAL-MARITSA IZTOK 3- v.MEDNIKAROVO 2015  Reconstruction and Improvement of Storage for used oils;
Storage for chemicals and substances
Detailed Design
ASAREL MEDET AD-PANAGYURISHTE     2015 Reconstruction and Renovation of Rooms in Building Upravlenie 1   and
Samafil Roof Hydro-insullation of Building Upravlenie 1
Basic and Detailed Design
Detailed Design and Supervision
Solvay Sodi-Devnya - Metal Structures for Electro filter site  MC Documentation
ASAREL MEDET AD-PANAGYURISHTE     2015 Two New Sorption Columns in Unit "Sorption Installation"  Basic Design, Detailed Design and Author's Supervition
Installation for Deep Bleed Treatment Plant- 4-7.7 m³/h Detailed Design
Modernization and expansion of Zink Smelter -
New Roasting Plant and Sulphuric Acid
Technical Design
Outotec Basic Design
AGROPOLYCHIM CO - DEVNYA 2014 MAP Production Improvement in TSP/MAP/DAP Plant Detailed Design
AURUBIS BULGARIA - PIRDOP   2014 Bleed Treatment Plant for NiSO4 Specification and Data sheets of equipment
Installation and commissioning of Fayalite filter-press
in Flotation Plant  - 200 000 t/y 
Detailed Design
CONTOURGLOBAL MARITSA EAST 3 - v.MEDNIKAROVO 2014  Reconstruction of Storage Room for unused oils Detailed Design
TECHNOMETAL - SOFIA  2014 Solvay-Sodi Devnya - Mechanical Constructive Documentation for Flash Tank and Distilation Flashing Tank - 36m3 Detailed Design
ASAREL MEDET CO.- PANAGYURISHTE    2013 Choosing and mounting of separating system for metal pieces from mineral ore class 35(40)+10mm Detailed Design
AGROPOLYCHIM CO.-DEVNYA                  2013 Additional products for readymade product SOLEX Detailed Design
ASAREL MEDET CO. - PANAGYURISHTE     2013 Movable Maintenance Hall for Cyclic Flow Technology II Detailed Design
MONTAJ COMPLECT ENGINEERING - SOFIA 2013 Production Work Kremitovtsi - Fire safety water pipeline, water tank and pump station Detailed design
AURUBIS BULGARIA CO.-PIRDOP                    2012 New Fuel Oil Station feeding Anodic Furnaces- 2.2t/h  Detailed Design
Reconstruction and modernization of Spill-room and dining room in mass-room at Administration block  
(total 2000 people/daily) 
Basic and detailed design
New maintenance site for repairing of ore machines-area 5.4dkr  Detailed design
AURUBIS BULGARIA CO.- PIRDOP 2012 New Thickener and connection to Waste Water Treatment Plant Detailed design
CONTUR GLOBAL - MARITSA IZTOK 3 - v.MEDNIKAROVO Tank for emergency collection of chemicals and solutions and discharging tank for Iron(III)Chloride - V=7m³ Technical and Detailed design. Supervision
AGROPOLYCHIM CO.-DEVNYA                 2010 New Ammonium nitrate solution production unit - 1250t/day DD parts:pipe network communication, water circulation, electric, enviromental solutions
CHEMPROJECT a.s. CZECH REPUBLIC   2010 Agropolychim- New Ammonium nitrate solution production unit - 1250t/day  Design of Construction execution Organization, Health and  Savety Plan, Drawings and Documatation
AGROPOLYCHIM CO.-DEVNYA                 2010 Reconstruction of Dry Section of Fertilizer Unit for production of Ammonium nitrate solution Detailed Design
AGROPOLYCHIM CO.-DEVNYA                 2009 Production unit TSP/MAP/DAP - Section Lubrication of ready-made product  65t/hour Detailed Design
DEVNYA CEMENT CO - DEVNYA 2008 Installation for clinket and cement production - reconstruction and modernization
- new electric cable route 6kV
- new sewer route
- new inductrial gas pipeline route - 6 atm, 6 km  
Detailed Design
NEOCHIM CO.-DIMITROVGRAD   2008 Storage expansion for ammonium hydrogen carbonate Basic design
AGROPOLYCHIM CO.-DEVNYA              2008 New tank storage for liquid UAN - capacity 20000 t Detailed Design
AGRIA CO. -  PLOVDIV 2008 Ditiocarbamates storage expansion - tanks for liquid raw materials SC2, Na2OH, Ethylenediamine Detailed Design
DEVNYA CEMENT CO.-DEVNYA               2007 Installation for clinker and cement production - reconstruction and modernization Feasibility Investment Study
CUMERIO MED CO.- PIRDOP         2007/2006 Gas supply from smelter Feasibility study
AGROPOLYCHIM CO.-DEVNYA       2007/2006 New phosphoric acid and evaporation plant, tank storage for conc. P2O5 Detailed Design
CUMERIO MED CO.-PIRDOP       2007/2006 New refinery for cathode copper - 180 000 t/y Basic, Technical and Detailed Design
NEOCHIM CO.- DIMITROVGRAD 2007/2006 Neochim 21-st century - reconstruction and modernization Feasibility study
Stress diagram for fixed piping support,
piperack 2
UMICORE MED CO - PIRDOP            2005 Smelter secondary gas cleaning.
Lime preparation station
Detailed Design, Procurement, Intallation, Supervision
HOLCIM BULGARIA -         BELI IZVOR       2005 Beli Izvor Kiln Upgrading - Fine coal handling and dosing extension Detailed Design, Machinary Documantation
AGROPOLYCHIM CO.-DEVNYA             2004 TSP plant reconstruction for production of MAP/DAP/NPK fertilizers Detailed Design
SOLVAY SODI CO.-DEVNYA             2004 Fresh water pump station Detailed Design
UMICORE MED CO - PIRDOP               2003 Anode slimes processing plant Feasibility study
UMICORE MED CO.- PIRDOP               2003 Regeneration sections of electrolysis plant Detailed Design
BELOIZVORSKI CEMENT -HOLDERBANK     2002 Coal preparation and grinding plant - modification of coal/petrocoke dosaging system Detailed Design
SOLVAY SODI CO.- DEVNYA 1997-1998 Dense soda ash production plant extension Detailed design (civil and architectural) as subcontractor of SNC Lavalin, Belgium T.A.